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One barrier to the realisation of children’s full potential in Malawi is poor sanitation and hygiene, leading to sanitation-related diseases that account for up to 4,500 deaths of the children under-five. Lack of basic sanitation denies children the right to health. As a result, poor health prevents children from accessing other rights such as education, thereby threatening their potential to become productive citizens.

With the support from the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) through the Global Sanitation Fund (GSF), the Government of Malawi and Plan International Malawi are committed to ensuring that children live in communities that are open defecation free and where a minimum of basic sanitation is provided.

This website is managed by Plan International Malawi and, among other things, provides information about progress made in our impact areas, lessons learnt and stories about real people benefiting from different interventions under GSF programme in Malawi.

National ODF Task Force Declares TA Mwadzama ODF

By Thokozani Chimbalanga

The moment had finally come; this was the day the people of Mwadzama would know whether all these months of endless and tireless work had paid off. As the Global Sanitation Fund officials, Traditional Authority (TA) Mwadzama and many witnesses stood by, breathlessly waiting to hear the verdict, they had only one prayer, “Please let this be the day.”


Plan Malawi organized a district meeting in Phalombe to share the Africa San experience in the district to motivate the district staff and also the traditional leaders. GSF Malawi delegation attended the Africa San conference in Darker Senegal where several ministers from the various African nations signed a declaration whose goal is to achieve universal access to sanitation and hygiene services. Following this, Phalombe district has made commitments towards improving the sanitation situation of the district.


The Chikhwawa district has decided to join the rest of the districts where the GSF programme is being implemented to have their district declared ODF by 2015. The development has come after a district conference that was organized by Plan Malawi to share the lessons from the Africa San 4 Conference which took place in May 2015 to motivate the districts. Global Sanitation Fund Malawi delegates attended the AfricaSan conference in Senegal where among others the Ngor Declaration was signed by various African minsters to move towards declaring Africa ODF by 2030.