Welcome to the GSF Programme in Malawi

One barrier to the realisation of children’s full potential in Malawi is poor sanitation and hygiene, leading to sanitation-related diseases that account for up to 4,500 deaths of the children under-five. Lack of basic sanitation denies children the right to health. As a result, poor health prevents children from accessing other rights such as education, thereby threatening their potential to become productive citizens.

With the support from the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) through the Global Sanitation Fund (GSF), the Government of Malawi and Plan International Malawi are committed to ensuring that children live in communities that are open defecation free and where a minimum of basic sanitation is provided.

This website is managed by Plan International Malawi and, among other things, provides information about progress made in our impact areas, lessons learnt and stories about real people benefiting from different interventions under GSF programme in Malawi.

No Mean Achievement: Three TA’s Celebrate ODF under GSF

It is over 30 Degrees Celsius and the sun is ferociously hitting without remorse. The ground is mildly burning and intermittent hot breezes can be felt time and again. Nobody is surprised though; it is what most parts of southern Malawi are notoriously famous for. Despite this however, something memorable is happening and not even the sweltering weather condition could undermine the joy written all over people’s faces gathered in apparent anticipation of a spectacle.

GSF Malawi Gears up for Innovative Extension at Scale

The five-year Global Sanitation Fund (GSF) Project in Malawi ended on 31st December, 2015 apparently with mixed results. While it conspicuously contributed to getting over 700,000 people to live in Open Defecation Free (ODF) areas, it has done little to increase the number of people accessing improved latrines, which remains at 29% countrywide.

However, a change of implementation strategy in 2014, which saw massive improvements in the rate of achievement, justified the Malawi Government’s cost-extension proposal to GSF to scale up project activities.


National ODF Task Force Declares TA Mwadzama ODF

By Thokozani Chimbalanga

The moment had finally come; this was the day the people of Mwadzama would know whether all these months of endless and tireless work had paid off. As the Global Sanitation Fund officials, Traditional Authority (TA) Mwadzama and many witnesses stood by, breathlessly waiting to hear the verdict, they had only one prayer, “Please let this be the day.”